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Let's face it, visiting a new church can be awkward
 It’s hard to know what to expect, how to dress and what the people will be like. At Explore Church we pursue Koselig which is the Norwegian way of life that celebrates the seasons, by intentionally living life together with a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Explore Church is a new church start that opened in the fall of 2019. We are currently renting from Missoula Church of the Nazarene at 2339 26th  Ave. We meet here weekly, Sundays @ 4 pm. 

As you enter the double doors friendly people will greet you, help you find your way around, answer your questions, and make you feel at home. It's Montana!  Dress is casual and comfortable. Our church services are just over an hour, which include contemporary worship, prayer and solid Biblical teaching that is applicable to our daily lives. We have safe, fun children’s church for newborns to 5th grade during the service.

After the service our family gathers to connect over coffee. Kids are at play, with engaging conversations in a lively atmosphere. If you have kids that will participate in children's church, you can make registration easier by preregistering here.